UGA is my favorite part of being at the University of Georgia! He is an adorable white English bulldog and the official Georgia mascot since 1956. Other bulldogs had been used, but UGA was made official! This is my tribute to our school's famous mascot. I hope you enjoy the pictures and my favorite Vince Dooley story about UGA III!


1st Three Generations

UGA I at his newspaper debut in 1956.
UGA II after winning the '68 SEC title.
UGA III lead the 1980 National Champions!

Standing Up to the LSU Tiger

In 1978, Uga III's only trip to Baton Rouge, Georgia ran into an unbeaten, sixth-ranked LSU team. The Tigers are tough to beat on Saturday night in the Bayou, but thanks to Uga III Vince Dooley had an inkling prior to the game that this would be the Dogs' night. The moment made such an impression that Dooley recalled it on his Athens radio show 20 years later, as Georgia was preparing for a game in Baton Rouge against another sixth-ranked LSU team. Dooley's '98 radio commentary went like this:
"Later that year [1978], we went down to play the Bengal Tigers in Baton Rouge. Just prior to the game, I was out on the field while the team was dressing and I noticed that out of the end zone came LSU's mascot, Mike the tiger, in a cage. The LSU fans went berserk, especially when the cheerleaders poked him in the ribs. They stuck a microphone up to the cage and he let out a big roar."
"They rolled the cage toward the 50-yard line, where the tiger normally stays during a game and right in his path was Uga III, which really infuriated the tiger. He ran up to the front of his cage and let out a loud roar, but ol' Uga just sat there. That really made the tiger mad. He got up on his hind legs, rattled the cage, and roared even louder. When the tiger did that, Uga raised up, took two steps forward, and barked, at which time the tiger sheepishly retreated to the back of the cage."
Dooley concluded his radio show by saying: "I got so excited that I ran into the dressing room and told the team, 'Let's go, men . . . we've got 'em tonight!'"
The Dogs took Dooley at his word, upsetting LSU 24-17 back in '78 and going on to a 9-2-1 finish and a No. 16 ranking in the polls. And 20 years later, with Uga III's grandson, Uga V, patrolling the sidelines and keeping Mike the tiger at bay, Georgia again beat LSU in Baton Rouge, this time by a 28-27 score.

2nd Three Generations

UGA V attacking the Auburn player
UGA VI on his legendary icebags
UGA IV with Herschel Walker in '82 after Walker received the Heisman.
UGA V attacking the Auburn player, Robert Baker.
UGA VI on his legendary icebags.

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